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Bash - My Breakout Novel



So, I'm at my desk, it's almost noon on a Sunday, and, as always, I'm working. Sounds boring, right? But honestly, when I look back on my life as a writer, I wouldn't have it any other way. After all the effort, all the trials, all the years of struggling to find my voice and establish myself, I've come to this point.





Bash is out. It's good. And I finally feel. . .



Successful Self-Publishing: Part 3



“Perception is reality. If you are perceived to be something, you might as well be it because that's the truth in people's minds.” – Steve Young


Welcome to part 3 in our 3 part series on successful self-publishing. . .


Successful Self-Publishing: Part 2



What is a platform?




Last week we started by breaking. . .


Successful Self-Publishing: Part 1



How do you self-publish a book?



You want to know. I want to tell you. Let’s do this.


First, let’s break successful self-publishing down into three. . .


My Single Most Absolutely Necessary So-Simple-It's-Stupid Rule for Success



If you want to get anywhere, you have to go there.




What does that mean, why did I say it, and where are we going, anyway? Where we're going is success-land, and why I said it is. . .


This is The Tipping Point. It’s Where I Live.



A speaking engagement, a new manager, and so many future projects it doesn’t look like I’ll ever sleep again.



And yet I love every minute of it.


This is the Tipping Point. It’s where I. . .


Break the Rules: Rethinking Common Writing Advice




If you want to write something truly innovative, you'll have to break a few rules.



Caveat: You must know which rules to break, and how to properly break them.


Caviar: Fish eggs/fancy people food. Unrelated to this article.


Writing advice is often given in absolutes (I'm guilty of this myself; shhh, our secret). Always do X, never do Y. But nothing, especially writing, is ever that simple. So this week we're looking at three pieces of common, well-meaning, and not wholly incorrect, writing advice. Ready to get more confused than you already are? That's the spirit.