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The Tipping Point

Welcome to The Tipping Point


Some of you know me. Some don't. There's a bio page for the backstory, so all that aside, my name is Steven, I'm a writer, and this is my blog.


In short, Welcome to The Tipping Point. . .



I Can't Tell You About It



I can be a jerk.


Not usually. Like right now, I’m cool, we’re chatting. But when I’m working on a new book and people ask what it’s about, that’s when I can be a little bit jerky.


I don’t mean to, but here’s the thing: I learned a long time ago that the surest way to kill a story is to. . .




Why I (Probably) Won't Sign With A Major Publisher



First, I meant to have this post up like a week ago, but the Bash deadline is looming and I had perfectionist stuff to do, and so here we are.


Second, I'm starting a vlog on Youtube, but not today, so more on that later.


Third, why I (probably) won't sign with a major publisher.



Deadlines Are Such Fragile Things



I'm behind schedule.


10 Things Successful People Do


I'm a nerd for motivation. Being a writer requires a tremendous amount of self-starting and stick-to-itiveness. Nobody's going to make you stay in the chair. Nobody's going to make you finish what you start. Nobody (including you, half the time) even knows how to finish what you've started.




Thus, the need for constant motivation.


And therefore, this list, in some particular order, to an extent. . .


So, Where's My Lamborghini?


This past weekend we ran a promotional giveaway for my first book, The Long Dark Lonesome. From Friday through Sunday the Kindle version was free to download, and a very cool thing happened. . .



About That Book I Pulled From Circulation


Almost four years ago I released a novel called One In The Barrelhouse. It was a fast, gritty horror story about a giant carnivorous worm attacking a dysfunctional family trapped by an ice storm. The reviews were good. People seemed to like it. It sold better than anything else I had done.


And then I pulled it from circulation. . .