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Strawberry jam, another great review!



It's nice when people start finding your stuff. It's even nicer when reviewers find it, and give it a great review.




Writing is a curious profession. For so much of the process, you're not entirely sure what. . .


Bash - My Breakout Novel



So, I'm at my desk, it's almost noon on a Sunday, and, as always, I'm working. Sounds boring, right? But honestly, when I look back on my life, I wouldn't have it any other way. After all the effort, all the trials, all the years of struggling to find my voice and establish myself as a legitimate writer, I've come to this point.





Bash is out. It's good. And I finally feel. . .



A Great Review for The Long Dark Lonesome


This is cool! The Long Dark Lonesome got a great review in The Horror Fiction Review.




This came as a surprise. It's not something I submitted to. And the review was. . .


Why The "Tipping Point"?



It’s April 24th. I'm in a hotel in Flagstaff, Arizona, drinking coffee and starting a new novel. BASH came out Friday, and my other two books are steadily gaining traction. Life is good.


I’ve been posting here weekly-ish since January, and one thing I haven’t yet covered is the blog’s title. Want to do that now? Let's do that now.


So, why the “Tipping Point?”



How to Survive the End of Your Novel



It’s 6 AM, April 10th, 2017.


BASH is set for release in 11 days.


And I’m a little stressed out.




Now, if you were to ask me what, exactly, is stressing me. . .



A Million Trillion Things I Still Need To Do



It’s crunch time.





If we’re going to make the April 21st release date for Bash, I have to submit the finished files by Friday. It’s Tuesday night as I’m writing this. I’m only. . .



I Can't Tell You About It



I can be a jerk.


Not usually. Like right now, I’m cool, we’re chatting. But when I’m working on a new book and people ask what it’s about, that’s when I can be a little bit jerky.


I don’t mean to, but here’s the thing: I learned a long time ago that the surest way to kill a story is to. . .




Why I (Probably) Won't Sign With A Major Publisher



First, I meant to have this post up like a week ago, but the Bash deadline is looming and I had perfectionist stuff to do, and so here we are.


Second, I'm starting a vlog on Youtube, but not today, so more on that later.


Third, why I (probably) won't sign with a major publisher.