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It’s crunch time.



If we’re going to make the April 21st release date for Bash, I have to submit the finished files by Friday. It’s Tuesday night as I’m writing this. I’m only satisfied with the first quarter of the book at this point. Don’t get me wrong, the rest is great, but I may find something that could be greatened.


Plus, no matter how hard you look, (no matter how many editors help you look) there’s  always at least one typo that sneaks by.



Want to know when you can expect to find this particularly sneaky mistake?


The day after publication, as you’re happily flipping through the book you’ve worked so hard for so long to complete.


Boom. That page you read at least half a dozen times? Yep. Right there in the middle.


Your instead of You’re.


So I have my work cut out for me.


Oh, and I forgot the cover art needs to be finalized. The proof copy revealed a few minor details I’m not satisfied with. So there’s that.


Also, as if that wasn’t enough, I need to design and order posters for my book signings, and since I’ll be in Arizona the week after the official release, I would really like to have a signing to kick off the next phase of promotions and marketing. That means finding and contacting a suitable venue in the very near future.


Like probably tomorrow.


Annnd, on top of all this, I’m preparing to start a YouTube channel (more about that whenever), while continuing this blog, as well as the usual stuff on the SJ Duncan Facebook page.


Am I forgetting anything?





I’m sure of it.


I just don’t know what it is.


But, I’m happy. Busy, but happy. This is the life I always wanted. From my earliest memories of drawing flip books for my friends, before I even knew what an author was, I knew I was a guy who makes books. And now I have the ability and the means to make really good ones. Books that move people. Books that entertain. Books that mean something to someone.


Books that make people feel the way other books have made me feel.


I think when you get right down to it, that’s why I do this.


And that’s why I make whatever sacrifices I have to (usually sleep) to make the deadline.     


Spoiler alert: We’re going to make the deadline.


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