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It's nice when people start finding your stuff. It's even nicer when reviewers find it, and give it a great review.




Writing is a curious profession. For so much of the process, you're not entirely sure what you're doing or if you're doing it right. This gets a little better with time and practice, but each story is its own creature, and requires a different set of techniques. To complicate this matter, writing takes a good deal of time. I began Bash in a hotel in Waco, Texas, in February of 2015. It was released April 21st of 2017. As Alain De Botton once said, "Writing a book is like telling a joke and having to wait two years to know whether or not it was funny."



It's easy to let doubt creep in. You spend so much time going over the same paragraphs, the same sections. One minute your artistic vision is sharp and clear; the next your own story doesn't make sense to you anymore. The path is full of ups and downs, and most of them are endured quietly, in your own head, as you stare at your manuscript, questioning every sentence you've written. All you want is to do good work. To write something that people enjoy. Something that moves them.



That's why it's so satisfying to know you've accomplished that goal.






"Bash by SJ Duncan is an enthralling 4 week or so sleepover in the mansion of Bradley Morgan. Juan (stage name) Morgan, a superstar at the top of his music career, fronts a quirky and friendly demeanor to the journalist who is writing a piece on him. The journalist, once at the top of his own career is ready to put past mistakes behind and remake a name for himself with this interview despite the seemingly impossible strings attached." - Rock Bangs





"Morgan is a very believable iconic rockstar. . . Secondary characters are just as well developed and are an integral part of setting the story’s mood and scenes. . . Bash perfectly portrays celebrity life, journalists, and the oftentimes ugly mix of the two." - Rock Bangs




"I highly recommend to anyone who loves reading fictional (real) celebrity life and famous characters. Strawberry jam!" - Rock Bangs



Want to know what I loved best about this review? It was seeing Morgan's catch phrase (Strawberry jam!) punctuating the end. You always wonder what about your work will stick with your readers. As you write, there are certain things that follow you around long after you've saved your file and shut down your machine. For me, "Strawberry jam!" was one of those things. And it was something I suspected would stick with readers, too. Seeing that it resonated with the folks at Rock Bangs is the icing on the cake. 



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