In certain disciplines such as philosophy and systems theory, there's a concept called emergence.

Emergence occurs when the entirety of a thing has properties the individual parts don't possess on their own. It's the synergy of a system, the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

I've become interested in this concept lately in terms of happiness and success.

I spent a lot of years grasping at what I thought would make me happy. I wanted fame. I wanted wealth. I wanted to be noticed. I tried…

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Off Goes a Piece and Nevermind the Dust 



You chisel me out

leaning odd block of marble I am

maybe not marble

maybe granite

maybe sandstone

or soapstone

maybe a different stone

each day of the week

some days alabaster

some days all-a-bastard

some days reluctant and groaning

as you chip, chip, chip away

with nimble tools

a smart little tap

and off goes a part

that was hiding

some bit of beauty within

another snap

a cascade of gravel

and again you remove a bit of what isn’t me

to show me who I am

underneath all the hard stuff

and I thank you

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