In this debut collection, SJ Duncan explores themes of love and loss, survival and success, and the piece-mill quality of life after divorce. With a strong voice and keen eye, Duncan’s poems are entertaining, insightful, and thought provoking. 


Inspired, somber, and inventive, The Long Dark Lonesome is a window on the roiling turmoil of modern American life, relationships, and the struggle to succeed.



Praise for SJ Duncan!

"Morgan is a very believable iconic rockstar. . . Secondary characters are just as well developed and are an integral part of setting the story's mood. . .Bash perfectly portrays celebrity life, journalists, and the oftentimes ugly mix of the two. I highly recommend to anyone who loves reading fictional (real) celebrity life and famous characters. Strawberry jam!" -- Rock Bangs


"Maybe I shouldn't have read the whole thing pretty much straight through. . . but I couldn't stop. Didn't want to stop. . . it was that emotional impact, that beautifully done bleeding soul laid bare." - Praise for SJ Duncan's The Long Dark Lonesome, Christine Morgan, The Horror Fiction Review